Fully Charged Live on February 1st & 2nd

Join all the fun at Fully Charged Live this weekend. The partners have been hard at work pulling together a great show. The final program has been released and this promises to be a fun electric vehicle gathering with cars on display and presentations. A great place to meet the people doing things to make this real.

Come say hello in the EV Corral and the Ride & Drive! We have a great group of owners who would be happy to share their experiences driving electric!

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Show your EV in the EV Corral at the Fully Charged Live event


Fully Charged Live is coming to Austin February 1st & 2nd 2020
and you can be a part of the show!

The Electric Auto Association is coordinating an EV Corral during the two days of the event where you can show your electric car or volunteer to share your experiences as an EV owner.

We are looking for examples of all the types of electric vehicles you can buy today in the United States. Factory produced or custom conversion, all are invited to share their experiences.

Register your vehicle to display / ride along or sign up to volunteer at:


Sign up for a 4 hour shift and you will get free admittance
for the rest of the day’s schedule.

More about Fully Charged Live North America

New resource for Austinites Looking to Buy Electric

Austin Energy has released a new website dedicated to helping Austinites choose the electric vehicle that is best for them and explore the incentives that may be available to help them make the purchase.

Visit: https://ev.austinenergy.com/

A conversation with Guy Hall

AustinEV chapter members met for a lunch at Blacks BBQ to visit with Guy Hall (Chief Strategy Officer, Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association – President Emeritus, Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association – Board Secretary Electric Auto Association, Director Sacramento Clean Cities Board). The group talked about how the Electric Auto Association can better support the chapter and started planning for how the Austin chapter can play a part in the Fully Charged Live Event coming to Austin in February 2020 (more on this later).

Don’t Be Fuelish: The Future of Passenger Vehicles in Texas – 2019-04-25

Join the Austin chapter of the Electric Auto Association for:

Don’t Be Fuelish: The Future of Passenger Vehicles in Texas

April 25 – 6:30 to 8 pm – JCC Austin – Room 150d – 7300 Hart Lane, Austin, TX

Internal combustion engines are outdated; clean car technology is already good and getting better all the time. So why are we still stuck in the gasoline era, and what will it take to end it?

Performance Art Piece Performed by Coltura Members

[Please let us know you will be attending by RSVPing]

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